Cellular Jail

The ‘Cellular Jail’ is a world famous historical monument located in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman Islands.

The jail is also known as ‘kala pani’ which means black water, it reveals the islands colonial past and epic struggle faced by the freedom fighters during the time of Indian independence. The prison was build mainly for Indian freedom fighters and political exile, few of the notable prisoners includes Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savakar. The construction work of the prison was starts in 1896 and completed in 1906, the original building which consist a puce- color bricks and the bricks were brought from Burma. More over the building had seven strong wings and common intersection at its centre. Also the building itself has strong power to resist earthquake. In Indian history the building were mentioned as ‘hell on the earth’ because of the cruel punishment facing by the prisoners. Today the construction serves as a national memorial monument with wide variety of historical and colonial relics. The travelers can also visit museum, martyr’s memorial, art galleries and original gallows etc. So make use of an outstanding Andaman island tourism and enjoy the feel.

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